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Insurance is like a parachute that opens when you fall into a financial crisis. We will discuss with you the risks that need to be covered and we will provide you with insurance protection. Whatever happens, nothing is left to chance.

Types of insurance

  • Life
  • Property
  • Business

study case

Tomáš and Tereza have already been living together, but the worries do not end. The young couple first did not want to pay for the insurance about CZK 1.836 per month. Until then, they paid about CZK 500 a month for the accident insurance they had set up before they met. As their life situation changed, they bought an apartment for 4.5 million on a mortgage. In addition, they will soon become parents and they figured out that to increase their existing insurance is needed to secure a family in case of death, invalidity due to illness, permanent consequences of accidents and disability to work. We have adjusted the insurance according to their financial balance, which was first necessary to be calculated for current and future post-partum conditions. As soon as their descendant was born, we changed the insurance again and included the child in the event of an accident. Now the young couple pays CZK 2.048 per month and covers all real risks.