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Financing dreams and goals through credit is often the only way to achieve them quickly. Whether it's your home, car or business, we find the right solution. We have the know-how to save time and money.


Types of loans

  • for housing
  • for business
  • for anything

study case

Tomáš and Tereza decided to start a family and move to a larger flat. The purchase price of the flat including the tax was CZK 4.680.000. All their savings were CZK 800.000. We managed to assure a mortgage with a pledge of 2 million CZK for parents' property. This is how we solved the condition of own resources. The amount of the loan was not allowed to exceed 80% of the pledge value of realty and therefore we could set it at 800.000 CZK with a maturity of 30 years at an interest rate of 1.99% per annum and with a fixation of 10 years. The client thus paid a monthly installment of CZK 15.502. It was not necessary to use all the savings, but only CZK 480.000 from which the clients paid the reservation fee and the transfer tax. Also Tomáš and Tereza had funds left for a minor reconstruction of CZK 220.000 and still saved CZK 100.000, which serves as reserve.