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Saving or investing is a wise way of achieving financial independence on income from employment or from the state. Together, we will set your financial goals and help you plan a way to achieve them.

types of savings

  • short-term
  • medium-term
  • long-term

study case

Tomáš and Tereza now want to ensure a peaceful future. At the service meeting, we have updated our clients' financial goals. One of the main goals is financial independence by the age of 65. As an equivalent to a decent retirement at today's prices, we set an amount of CZK 20.000 per month. We figured that in order to save this income, they have to start investing regularly from now. Income for 20 years means to have saved at least 4 million CZK. To the target age is 30 years left, it means 360 payouts from the employer. So we set up a pension savings of CZK 1.000 a month, a regular investment in mutual funds at CZK 1.500 a month and a regular deposit in physical gold at CZK 2.000 per month. Due to average appreciation of 6% per annum, their financial target will be achieved on a long-term basis. If clients want to save money on a savings account, they would have to cut 11.100 CZK of their salary each month.