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Property management MAHOON facility
28/07 2022 Petra Seková Copy URLShare

Property management MAHOON facility

Our experience in the property management industry allows us to give you a helping hand and together find out where the weaknesses are in your home

Whether you are a community of owners or a housing cooperative, we see you as a company in which it is necessary for someone to take the lead or show the possibilities of its direction and then everything goes easily.
MAHOON facility offers you the opportunity to consult and then make an offer for the management of your building.

Frequent topics for consultation:
- Poorly cleaned house
- accidents that nobody solves
- energy and service billing complaints
- communication with the manager
- errors in accounting and tax records

A big advantage we see in the MAHOON interconnection is the services we can provide under one brand:

- arranging a loan for reconstruction (new elevator, facade insulation)
- consulting on development projects in the context of their management
- assistance with renting or selling vacant residential units
- taking care of rented apartments, where we handle everything for the owner
- checking and setting up insurance contracts relating to the units and the house

Do reminders go out to your defaulters on time?
Do you have repair fund funds in a suitable savings account?
Are the rent prices of the jointly rented units set correctly?
Is the property underinsured and are the insurance policies up to date?
It really pays to deal with everything in one place. Contact us and we'll be happy to take care of your home. 
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