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Timber buildings vs. brick buildings
18/02 2022 Lukáš Toušek Copy URLShare

Timber buildings vs. brick buildings

Long gone are the days when only huts and cottages were made of wood.

In the USA, wooden buildings are the standard and in the Czech Republic this trend is growing. Today, you can already have, for example, a luxurious villa from a wooden building. Thanks to the speed of construction, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, the share of wooden buildings is constantly increasing.

What are the main advantages of timber buildings?
1. Speed of construction - you can have the whole house ready in half a year.
2. Lower energy consumption.
3. Needs a smaller built-up area to achieve more usable space - lower cost of foundation slab.
4. They are built with eco-friendly building materials, which minimizes negative environmental impacts.
What, on the other hand, are the advantages of masonry buildings?
1. The house stays warm longer, even if it is no longer heated. Just as it stays cooler longer in summer.
2. Protection from sound transmission.
3. Resistance to water and weather.

Here we have summarized just a few basic points. As you can see, every building has its pros and cons. Take advice from reputable professionals. We work with companies that are happy to arrange and help you with everything if you need it.
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