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We actively care for and manage contracts you entrust us with.
Together we will set financial goals and plan out the path towards achieving them.
We are here, always ready to step in and help you with any issues that might come your way.


We all realize that we cannot do without money in life. That is why it occupies the leading positions in the value systems of most of us. We perceive money as the energy one needs on the path to real wealth. Our mission is for you to understand the issues surrounding your money and to know how to handle it properly and use it well.

What can we do for you?
  • We will lead the way through the chaos of personal finance so that you are comfortably able to define your desired goals.
  • We do not want to sell you a product, we want to form a long-lasting cooperation to enable you to reach your goals.
  • We give independent feedback and our honest opinion on what can be done.
  • We are quick during all procedures and dealings which saves you time.
  • We know the market and therefore are able to reliably eliminate all risks.
  • We provide long-term and reliable systemic support.
  • We help you stay disciplined on your journey towards your financial goal.
Life plan

Cooperation set-up

This will be the beginning of the fun way to your long term prosperity


Establishing financial goals

We will open the door to your happy future together


Analyzation of the financial situation

We will map all of your resources to make a financial balance sheet


Presentation of the financial plan

We will show you how money can work for you


Approval of presented solutions

Our priority is to you understand everything, there is no rush to find quick solutions


Making steps according to the plan

With our help, you have the certainty of not making wrong decisions


Opening an online account in our client´s portal

Everything will be under your control instantly and anywhere


Update of the plan regularly

We don‘t leave room for coincidence therefor your plan will be revised whenever needed


Yearly balancing meetings

You will get professional care, as we say: "What’s looked after improves faster"

Financial health care
  • We solve your problems
  • Inheritance and survivorship
  • Divorce settlement
  • Property settlement
  • Litigation
  • Tax issues
  • We will take over communication
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Building societies
  • Pension and investment companies
  • Network of partners and suppliers
  • We report insurance claims
  • Traffic accidents
  • Diseases and injuries
  • Property damage
  • Personal injuries
  • Professional responsibility
  • Updating contractual relations
  • We monitor underinsurance
  • We optimise insurance limits
  • We update and cancel policies
  • We update personal information
  • We maintain an online file
  • We offer investment opportunities
  • Commodities and precious metals
  • Securities and financial derivatives
  • Guaranteed appreciation
  • Non-public real estate offers
  • Own development projects