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We will get you a loan for a property, car, new business or anything else you have set your mind on.
We will insure your income, property as well as your business.
We will ensure the best possible value for your money.


Life of prosperity is an achievable goal and we know how to get you there. We specialize in providing financial services for families, foreigners living in the Czech Republic as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers. We have been working with clients from 36 countries around the world. We run a very thorough financial analysis for each client, based on which we propose tailor-made solutions and required future steps, all in alignment with the client’s specific life situation.

What can we do for you?
  • We will draft a long-term roadmap of how to get to your dream living and secure yourself for the future.
  • We will clarify all potential risks to you and explain possible solutions and options.
  • We run professional checks of all your existing contracts and agreements.
  • We will take over your correspondence with banks, insurance companies and similar institutions.
  • Our online interface enables us to mediate various financial products and process documentation comfortably, online.
  • We will take care of everything necessary for the purchase of a property, no matter where in the world you currently are.
  • We have the ability to make banks accept income reports from all over the world.
Housing financing

Filling out the mortgage questionnaire

We have tools to arrange your mortgage online to be able to save you even more time


Preparation of the mortgage case

With our services, you will save up to 150k per borrowed million


Finding the best financing offer

We will offer you only the guaranteed solution


Credit score assessment

It is important to know safely you will get the mortgage before signing the reservation contract


Collection of documents for the approval of the mortgage

We will take over communication with other parties and even will arrange legal services for you


Property evaluation

If needed, it is possible to use multiple properties as pledges for a bank


Fulfilling drawing conditions

We will explain to you everything, so you don‘t have to worry about anything


Fulfilling drawing conditions

We will cover all risks connected to paying off the mortgage


Paying off the mortgage according to the austerity strategy

Together we will make a plan on how to repay the mortgage as early as possible

MAHOON finance s.r.o. (ID No. 02490617) is a Tied Agent acting on behalf of Broker Trust, a.s., which is listed in the Czech National Bank register as a Independent and Investment Intermediary under ID No.: 26439719. It therefore intermediates insurance, supplementary pension insurance, loans and investments. For more information, please visit