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MAHOON is a well-rounded ecosystem of services focusing on building up financial health and wealth.

We will guide you along the way starting from setting your financial goals, to strategic planning, to supervision of acquired wealth. Mahoon is a way to long-term prosperity.

Financial independence is not something you can buy, we help you create it.

Moving boundaries of what is possible
Applying common sense
Handing you clear instructions and advice
Opening new doors to a brighter future
Offering honesty and swift feedback
Navigating through chaos to present only the best options

You have everything under control and supervised in one place.

You can lean back knowing that you and your property and wealth is fully taken care of.

You are aware and well informed of every step of the process because we explain each detail as needed.

Managing Director

Professional sports has taught me that more can always be achieved in a team. I have been living by this rule and applying this at work as well - every day I try to positively influence the life of others. To work, for me, means to invest energy, money and time with the right intent and therefore create an environment of growth and development.

Financial Advisor

Ever since I was little, I have always felt the need to understand the world and figure out how things work. Maybe this is why I am so drawn to working with clients from abroad. Through this, I have gotten to know how money works around the world and am applying all acquired knowledge daily when working on the Czech financial market.

Financial Advisor

Every time I achieved something in my life, my passion and trust in my own abilities helped me along the way. Now I am fortunate to be part of an equally driven team and this enables me to keep reaching for my goals. I want to be the synonym for a top-quality service for my clients.

Financial Advisor

Even though I have always been more of a solo rider, I am really happy to be part of a team I can rely on. I love learning new things, being able to create new strategies and ways to bring added value to my clients and hence draw satisfaction from my job.

Real Estate Agent

I consider responsibility, professionalism and the art of listening to be qualities worth nurturing thanks to which I have been able to cater to hundreds of satisfied clients. The reward for me is to see joy in the eyes of people who have bought their own property or rented their first apartment. It gives me the feeling that my work means something when I get positive feedback from my clients.

Real Estate Agent

Providing people with a service that makes them happy is my life mission. Only when selling my own apartment did I realize that real estate allows you to do this to the fullest. I consider cooperation of a team of people with the same interests and values as the basis for success which is then reflected in the quality of services provided.


As a child, I was raised on - when I do something, it needs to be done right. I have a great sense of detail, with a tendency to perfectionism. I always try to better myself and everything around me. My life motto is a quote from Steve Jobs - The only way to do my job well is to love what you do.

Client care specialist

My main goal in life is to be happy. As I grew older I realized to achieve happiness it is important to people around me, in the team and others to feel that way. MAHOON gave me the opportunity and tools to achieve this.


I try to make sure that everything that comes my way in life benefits me and others. I realize that both the good and the bad in life move us forward. Because of this, I try to keep perspective and not take everything personally. After all, the secret to success in life is not doing what we like, but finding pleasure in what we do.

Reality specialist

I perceive home and its care as a very important value that gives the basis for the further development of each of us. I realize that real estate plays a very important role in this sphere, and that is why it has become a mission for me and has accompanied me in everything around it for more than ten years. I see my role as having a professional and empathetic approach to dealing with clients' requirements. I believe that everything that belongs to us will find us.

Financial advisor

Life has taught me that with humility, honesty, a positive attitude and a clear vision, one can be successful. Therefore, I try to set an example, be honest and responsible in my work and do it to the best of my ability. I like to think about things and want to understand them in depth. My wish in life is to be of service to other people and make them happy. That is why I chose MAHOON as my partner to achieve this.

Financial advisor

What I like most about life is the sense of humor. If someone had told me I would be working as an insurance specialist, I would never have believed them and today my job is my favorite hobby. Client satisfaction is the best reward I encounter every day. I am glad that thanks to MAHOON I have been given the opportunity to participate in providing the needs of foreign clients.




"I have used Mr. Mráz and his services three times already when selling some of my real estate and everything went always well. He is a person I trust fully and would never hesitate to entrust him with another transaction."

Jaromíř Blažek

„We cooperated with Eduard when buying our house. I must say that he was objectively a true professional and we are definitely keeping his number in our contact list. “


"Mohu vřele doporučit pana Hubingera, který mi vyřizoval hypotéku. Získal pro mne ten nejlepší ale také pro mne vybral banku, kde byla snadnější domluva a méně papírování než u některých bankovních domů. Pan Hubinger je informován o novinkách a má přehled, který bych si o hypotékách krátkém čase rozhodně nedovedla učinit.
Dále jsem jako pracující maminka velmi ocenila, že za mne veškerou komunikaci řešil a pro mne vyřizování hypotéky minimální časovou zátěž.
Je časově flexibilní, rychlý, ochotný a spolehlivý. Schůzku z pohodlí domova a možnost řešení mi rovněž vyhovovala."

Mgr. Martina Ranschburgová

"We met Mr. Mráz when viewing a property we were planning on buying. We also tried to sell our house but things got complicated. That is when we decided to put Mr. Mráz in charge of the whole process. His professional and hands-on attitude resulted in a stress-free transaction. We would strongly recommend Mr. Mráz any time!"


"I have worked all my life in aviation, where, more than in any other field, it is necessary to have and follow regulations, and when something is said, it must apply! I was acquiring a property encumbered by a complex mortgage of the former owner, my wife and I were expecting a second child and it was necessary for the transaction to go smoothly. I dare say that mainly thanks to the experience and exceptional diplomacy of Eda Mráz, we managed to bring "aviation-like order" into our case and today are living happily settled in our home!"

Jindřich Schwippel

"Buying, selling or renting out your real estate is no walk in the park, it requires the assistance of a professional you can trust. I have such a person to turn to. Eda and I successfully rented and sold our property quickly, under great conditions, and then he made sure to help us find the best place to live for us. I know 100% that the next time I am dealing with anything connected with real estate, both for me personally or for my company, I will turn to Eda again with confidence."

Martin Stanický

"Mr. Eduard Mráz was in charge of selling two of our properties in Prague and nearby and I can only give praise to this man. He is highly skilled, organized and willing to help. There was always clarity in our communication, he took care of everything and we were basically carefree. We can only recommend and will definitely cooperate with Mr. Mráz the next time as well. "

Lucie Kronus

"I am very glad to have met Mr. Mráz. It has been 6 years since our first real estate dealings and I can say that everything has always happened to our complete satisfaction. We realized both sales of various types of real estate and their purchases, as well as rentals. Based on his experience and market overview, Mr. Mráz has become our "family" real estate broker whom we can always turn to with confidence. He provides his services with complete professionalism and always with a pleasant demeanor. Some cases were not entirely simple, both legally and financially, yet he managed to successfully finalize them. So far, the last event was the sale of a family house …"

Ing. Pavel Hromádka

"We are truly thankful to Mr. Mráz for his professional services when helping us sell our property. We are very satisfied, everything went swimmingly and we were treated with proper care."


"I worked with Mr. Mráz together during the process of buying my property in Prague. One of the outstanding skills from Mr. Mráz is (and this you can´t learn, because you got it or not) is the ability to put himself inside his customers shoes. Customer problem going to be his problem. And then he solves it. The professional point is, that he is able to take over the points from buyer and seller and both parties have the feeling that Mr. Mráz is their ambassador. This creates trust you need in the real estate business."

Peter Arnolds

Za společností MAHOON vidím vždy skvělé profesionály, kteří mi ozřejmují situaci na finančním trhu a já se pak mohu správně rozhodovat o svých financích. Mám tím pádem své finance pod kontrolou a zaparkované tam, kde mi přinášejí bezpečný výnos. Společnost MAHOON mi pomohla i s mojí hypotékou, kterou jsem potřeboval refinancovat. MAHOON vybral pro mě toho správného bankovního partnera, všechny papíry vyřídil za mě a šetřil mi tím mnoho času a nervů. Profesionální přístup je největší deviza této společnosti.
Společnost MAHOON mohu všem vřele doporučit!

Ing. Pavel Přeček

"Being professional, trustworthy and reliable - these features make Mr. Mráz a great partner and, thanks to that, the sale of our property went flawlessly. Thank you for a job well done!"

Ing. Josef Vávra

MAHOON and Filip provides a great service in advising and helping anyone to get the for a mortgage, loans for the household and to give financial ideas on how to save money money. He also is very well connected with the banks and makes appointments so when sign papers you don't wait and everything goes smoothly. Also, he is very helpful and questions you might have even after the services are granted and/or over. I would highly Filip as your financial advisor and to help you find the best solution for your financials processes so you are satisfied and get everything you are loking for for example, loan,

Thomas Ignacio

,,FULL SERVICE,, takto bych dvěma slovy popsala služby této společnosti.
Díky MAHOON finance se mi uskutečnil sen a dneska už sedím v mém novém domečku a píšu Tato společnost mi pomohla nejen se zařízením financování hypotéky, ale kompletně se vším, od odhadu nemovitosti, přes pojištění mojí osoby i nového domu, veškerou dokumentaci a veškeré které banka vyžadovala. Všechno mi navíc pomohli vyřídit online, což mi naprosto z časového vyhovovalo, že sem nemusela nikam chodit osobně. Takže velké díky za trpělivost a ochotu ze pracovníků MAHOON finance s.r.o..

Martina Pavlová

MAHOON je tým profíků ve svém oboru. V rámci hypotéky vyřešili s bankou všechny nezbytné vyjednání dobrého úroku, přes veškerou administrativu až po samotné čerpání financí z banky. se o nic nestaral. Navíc si dokáží poradit s problémy, které by člověk s bankou bez jejich zkušeností těží řešil. S čistým svědomím doporučuji!

Tomáš Marada

Best support and greatest quality of service. We've had multiple interactions with Filip and insurance cases - and every time we got the best on the market. I fully recommend finance and Filip.

Bogdan Tofan

„During the process of buying our property, we were really happy to be working with E. Mráz. We valued his professional approach and his pleasant demeanor.“


"Vyřízení hypotéky bylo naprosto bezproblémové a rychlé. Lukáš je profesionál ve svém oboru, vysvětlil, věci řešil bez prodlevy okamžitě a spolupráce s ním byla příkladná. Oproti vyřízení hypotéky mi podařilo nemalé peníze navíc ušetřit. Mohu jedině doporučit."

Martin Abrahám


We cooperate with verified and vetted lawyers, tax advisors, appraisers as well as construction supervisors, carpenters and a number of other reliable professionals we trust. Cooperation with them is based upon longterm trusted relationships that helped hundreds of our clients.