Eduard Mráz

About me

"Each piece of real estate is unique, as is its owner, and therefore both need to be given appropriate time and care, which will lead to its successful sale or lease. It is truly rewarding for me to share joy with clients of mine who have purchased their own property or rented out their first apartment. Moments like this are a proof that my work makes sense."


  1. Master's degree

  2. Real Estate Specialist

  3. Branch Manager

  4. Co-owner of MAHOON Real Estate


What do I provide?

My Experience
I have been working in the field for over 10 years and have been able to enjoy hundreds of traded properties and satisfied clients.
My extensive business experience brings you, the client, major benefits - shorter sales time and maximum sales price.
I solve problems on your behalf. Our sophisticated work process allows us to shorten the sales time.
You have time for your work and family.
I know the risks of real estate transactions and am able to eliminate them.
You don't have to worry about your finances and assets.
Modern technology
3D real estate scans, drone view, video tours, visualizations etc.
Professional presentation of your property will differentiate it from competitive offers, shorten the time of sale and increase sales prices.



Professional marketing, excellent knowledge of the real estate market and especially great communication skills, this is how I would describe the work of Mr. Mráz. I saved a lot of time and sold my apartment at an unbeatable price without any problems. What more could I ask for.


„During the process of selling our property, we were really happy to be working with E. Mráz. We valued his professional approach and his pleasant demeanor.“

Apartment 3+kk/T (99m2)

"I worked with Mr. Mráz together during the process of buying my property in Prague. One of the outstanding skills from Mr. Mráz is (and this you can´t learn, because you got it or not) is the ability to put himself inside his customers shoes. Customer problem going to be his problem. And then he solves it. The professional point is, that he is able to take over the points from buyer and seller and both parties have the feeling that Mr. Mráz is their ambassador. This creates trust you need in the real estate business."

Apartment 4+kk/T/GS (205m2)

"Being professional, trustworthy and reliable - these features make Mr. Mráz a great partner and, thanks to that, the sale of our property went flawlessly. Thank you for a job well done!"

Bezděkov pod Třemšínem

"I have used Mr. Mráz and his services three times already when selling some of my real estate and everything went always well. He is a person I trust fully and would never hesitate to entrust him with another transaction."

Family house 5+kk/T/GS (175M2)

"We met Mr. Mráz when viewing a property we were planning on buying. We also tried to sell our house but things got complicated. That is when we decided to put Mr. Mráz in charge of the whole process. His professional and hands-on attitude resulted in a stress-free transaction. We would strongly recommend Mr. Mráz any time!"

Family house 6+kk/T/2xPS

"I have worked all my life in aviation, where, more than in any other field, it is necessary to have and follow regulations, and when something is said, it must apply! I was acquiring a property encumbered by a complex mortgage of the former owner, my wife and I were expecting a second child and it was necessary for the transaction to go smoothly. I dare say that mainly thanks to the experience and exceptional diplomacy of Eda Mráz, we managed to bring "aviation-like order" into our case and today are living happily settled in our home!"

Family house 6+kk/T/2xGS (220m2)

"Mr. Eduard Mráz was in charge of selling two of our properties in Prague and nearby and I can only give praise to this man. He is highly skilled, organized and willing to help. There was always clarity in our communication, he took care of everything and we were basically carefree. We can only recommend and will definitely cooperate with Mr. Mráz the next time as well. "

Family house 4+kk/T (120m2)

"I am very glad to have met Mr. Mráz. It has been 6 years since our first real estate dealings and I can say that everything has always happened to our complete satisfaction. We realized both sales of various types of real estate and their purchases, as well as rentals. Based on his experience and market overview, Mr. Mráz has become our "family" real estate broker whom we can always turn to with confidence. He provides his services with complete professionalism and always with a pleasant demeanor. Some cases were not entirely simple, both legally and financially, yet he managed to successfully finalize them. So far, the last event was the sale of a family house …"

Family house 5+1 (200m2)

„We cooperated with Eduard when buying our house. I must say that he was objectively a true professional and we are definitely keeping his number in our contact list. “

Family house 5+3/T/GS (260m2)

"Buying, selling or renting out your real estate is no walk in the park, it requires the assistance of a professional you can trust. I have such a person to turn to. Eda and I successfully rented and sold our property quickly, under great conditions, and then he made sure to help us find the best place to live for us. I know 100% that the next time I am dealing with anything connected with real estate, both for me personally or for my company, I will turn to Eda again with confidence."

Family house 3+kk/T/2xPS

"We are truly thankful to Mr. Mráz for his professional services when helping us sell our property. We are very satisfied, everything went swimmingly and we were treated with proper care."

Apartment 4+kk/3xB (90m2)


Real esate sale
I guarantee to sell your property at the maximum price in the shortest time possible.
Property Rental
I make sure that your property earns you money.
I determine the real selling price of your property. You can rely on that.
Our team provides you with an unrivaled financing offer.

How do I determine the price of your property?

I will find out what properties in your area have really sold for and for how long.
I'll assess competing offers in the area and check what time they have been on offer.
I will find the TOP selling points for your property and focus the presentation format on these.
I will design a price and sales strategy taking into account your expectations and market trends.



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