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New teammate
20/03 2024 Martin Mašek Copy URLShare

New teammate

We were looking for someone to join MAHOON who could help us improve our ecosystem of processes and tools that we use to serve our clients. We wanted a partner who will get along with the whole team, support its development, and maintain a good atmosphere and optimal conditions for our work.

That's why we are happy to welcome Jindra to our team. He knows most of us personally from the past, which is a huge advantage. He is a professional who has many years of experience in project management and leading people not only in the field of information technology. He has also built teams in service delivery, and has been involved in the development of company processes and guidelines. He has held various roles on the vendor and client side, in the commercial sector and state administration. The places where he could develop and gain experience were medium-sized companies as well as larger corporations such as Atlas Copco and Raiffeisenbank. We put our trust in him to use his skills and approach here for our mutual growth.

For us, working at MAHOON is first and foremost a responsibility, but it is also fun. So we are really looking forward to working with Jindra, because he can combine these two aspects very well with his optimism and enthusiasm.